Slot Regulations and Laws Across The World 

Slot Regulations and Laws Across The World 

Gambling is now more mainstream than it has ever been, particularly across the western world and this is because in most countries in the west, online gambling at King Casino is legal. This has made gambling more accessible to the masses and this has increased the popularity of gambling, especially on slot games. Despite this, there are many people that still frown upon gambling and would like it banned. In fact, gambling is one of those subjects that splits society and this is why every country has its own opinions on gambling and these are expressed in the laws that are put in place to control it. 

Countries Where Gambling Is Banned 

Gambling is still banned in many countries and the authorities block the online presence of gambling brands, therefore it is impossible for citizens to gamble online.  What history illustrates is that all out bans rarely work, as they tend to drive gambling underground where it cannot be regulated. This is in evidence in many countries where all gambling has been outlawed. Most gambling bans are forced on people of certain countries because of political ideologies such as communism of the dominant religious beliefs such as Islam. 


Qatar has some of the strictest gambling laws in the world and gambling of any sort is forbidden. Predictably, these strict laws have created a thriving underground gambling scene that bides by no laws and this makes it far more dangerous for those who participate in this secret world. 


Gambling addiction has proved to be a major problem for the citizens of Cambodia and its government has reacted by banning all forms of gambling. It is still legal to bet on the 5 lotteries sponsored by the government and this is because they government need the revenue that is generated from these lottery games. The anti gambling act that is known as the 1996 Suppression Of Gambling Act does not apply to foreigners or tourists. And they can gamble in exclusive casinos that operate especially for them. Other countries where slots’ gambling is banned include most of China, apart from Macu and of course North Korea. 

Countries With Relaxed Gambling Laws 

United Kingdom 

The UK is traditionally a nation of gamblers, like their Irish neighbours. The Blair government relaxed many of the gambling laws and this has allowed slots gambling to flourish. All forms of gambling are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. In recent years the laws have been tightened in response to a marked increase in gambling addiction within British society. UK citizens can no longer gamble with credit cards and fixed odds betting terminals have had the max bets slashed from £200 to £2. 


The Irish love to gamble and they can do so with little interference from the government. However, online slots casinos are unregulated and what laws are in place date back to 1956 and are not fit for purpose in a digital world and this has caused an outcry amongst those that are worried for the gambling welfare of the citizens of Ireland.

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