Advice for responsible slot gambling from an ex-addict 

Fluffy Fairground slots

Online slots such as Fluffy Fairground slots are fun and remarkable – they can easily be an excellent hobby and they’re so much fun that a lot of people use them to relax. There is a downside to these great games, though; for some people they can be addictive.

Not just a little, but totally and overwhelmingly so. Something that used to be a hobby suddenly becomes something that is detrimental to health, wealth, and happiness. In order to know how to play better and more responsibly, here are some tips from an ex-addict. 

Set A Budget

Just about the most important rule to consider is to never ever play slots without setting up a spending budget first. Without a monetary cap in place, you are able to easily spend far in excess of what you should without even knowing that you are doing it – the playing could get automatic after some time when you’re enjoying yourself and it may be hard to concentrate on precisely how much you’re spending. 

Before you start to play, examine what you are able to afford to spend. Whatever your funds are, whether it’s a small amount or a large one, when it’s all exhausted you have to stop playing. There’s no reason for creating a budget if you go over it every time you play, so make sure this doesn’t happen. 

If you win anything, don’t add those winnings to the budget. Instead, count that as something separate so that you can come away with a profit. 

Set A Time Limit

Although the cash aspect of slots is vitally important, you shouldn’t forget about time limits. You will have heard the old saying that time flies when you’re having fun, and this really is true of slots. Before you realise it, you could have been playing for hours, using time that should have been set aside for work, for family, for sleep. 

It is crucial that you don’t spend time playing slots when you should be doing something else, even if you don’t think that other thing is quite as important. You need to take a break and you can’t put your life on hold to play slots. If this is happening you should step away altogether as you are getting addicted.

Don’t Drink and Play

Playing slots may in some people’s minds lend itself to having a relaxing drink at the same time. That’s not a problem, but drinking too much can be an issue. If you drink too much, your ability to make good decisions will be compromised. You might spend too much, you might play for too long, and your inhibitions will be reduced so you won’t see the risks attached. 

It’s best to wait until you are done playing before you get a drink. Use it as a way to reward yourself for sticking to the rules when playing slots and doing a good job. The last thing you want is for something you enjoy to start being a problem in your life.

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