Virtual Reality Slots: are they good for the future of gambling

Virtual Reality Slots: are they good for the future of gambling

Technology has always been a huge influencer and shaper of the entertainment industry. In fact, the entertainment industry has always benefited from technological advancements. It makes the impossible possible and helps to keep the crowds returning to see something that they have never witnessed before. Whether it is groundbreaking special effects in films or the latest fully immersive video games, technology can help keep the entertainment industry looking fresh and interesting – spin now.

Gambling and New Technological Breakthroughs

Gambling was traditionally seen as a hobby that took place at racetracks, betting shops and casinos. It was not highly reliant on technology until the mid 1990s. During this time the gambling industry fully embraced new digital technology and by doing so, much of the industry moved online in the shape of online casinos. What this did was help to bring gambling to the masses and it also helped the development and advancement of slots. The first digital video slot quickly appeared on the newly developed online casino platform back in 1996. The popularity of this game opened the doors to a myriad of different slots from various slot game production houses. The demand for slots created an industry that utilized the latest technology and this created groundbreaking slots with graphics that kept on improving. Now the gambling industry has reached the point where the public is ready and waiting for the next big leap in slots technology and this of course is likely to come in the form of Virtual Reality slots.

What Does The Future Hold?

 The future of entertainment is all about full immersion and this is already in evidence in video games. Slots rely on attracting a young crowd who are seen as the future of slots gambling and video gamers are the prime target, therefore, to attract them, slots need to keep up with video game innovations. An early example of the possible future of slots came in the form of an app called Riftcasino. This software allowed punters to experience a 3D virtual casino. They could play slot games that required full player interaction too. The drawback was that there were no real cash betting opportunities, so it felt more like a gaming experience.  SlotsMillion was one of the first casinos to offer players the chance to gamble with real cash in a virtual casino world setting and this added to the thrill of the experience.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality slots have the potential to make slots even more popular than they already are. These VR slots would appeal to a generation that has grown up with technology. If games are developed especially for a virtual world and gamers can adapt to the new sensations this world brings with it, then virtual reality slots could be as successful as their digital cousins. The major threat here is that gambling addiction could increase further as punters lose track of reality and their bankroll as their senses are consumed by a new virtual world.

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