Modern Twist in the traditional glasses

Earlier there were limited options of buying glasses frames around the world.  We have seen our grandparents, school teachers, doctors etc. wearing thick broad black glasses. There is no doubt that they used to look so awfully boring while every specs wearer would be sporting similar kinds of eyeglasses.  The options for eyeglass frames were handful and included black or transparent plastic frames, metal glasses in gold or silver, round glasses etc.

However, things have changed since the past few decades when the revolution in the eyewear industry took birth. Broken are the barriers and the limited edition of those resembling eyeglasses. Eyewear manufacturers and the creative minds found that there is an ocean to explore behind the square and round shaped black bold glasses frames. And that the prescription glasses user should not feel embarrassed. Instead, they should consider their eyeglasses more as an accessory, something that adds to the overall personality, enhances the style statement and makes you look attractive too.

Changes in the shape

What used to be square, rectangular and round have taken various different shapes in the eyewear industry. Nowadays, the shapes of the eyeglasses are many. There are aviators, cat eyes, wayfarer glasses, browliners, D-shape glasses, triangle glasses and various geometrical shape glasses. The weird and unusual shapes also consist of shapes like star, heart, etc.  In fact, some of the glasses frames come with the combination of two shapes such as half circle glasses and half wayfarer glasses.  Edges are also an integral part of the shapes of the frames, some are smoothened to round curves while some are pointed shapes.


Black glasses, red, white and transparent used to be the most dominated shades of frames in the early 1980s. But not anymore. The updated version of glasses consists of as many colours and patterns that you can think of.  Not only you can match the colour of glasses with your outfit, you get to match the glasses with the occasion. For instance, if you are wearing an animal print dress like Leopard print, it is possible to get glasses with similar frames.  On the other hand, if you are going to work, you must wear eyeglasses that look pretty professional like the one with half-rim or rimless glasses in a thin frame. Whereas when you are partying or outing, you can opt for unusual, creative glasses with dual tone, or patterns of marble, tortoiseshell etc.


The age of bold and huge eyeglasses covering half of your face from forehead to cheeks are gone. Now the frames are available in sizes that suit your face and persona.  From small to bigger, you get every shape of eyeglasses according to the shape of your face, profession, occasion as well as your personal choice.

Material of frame

Frame material has also seen an immense transformation from plastic and metal glasses frames to better versions such as Acetate, Titanium, Wood, stainless steel and even ivory frames are available in the market. These frames are high in quality, durable, hypoallergenic, corrosion resistance does not break easily and comes with warranty from the manufacturers like Specscart whose quality of frames is unmatched and follows three-steps quality analysis while crafting.


The material of the glasses lens has also improved from the basic glass material to plastic, polycarbonate, high-index plastic etc. Apart from that, now you get the varifocal glasses that are better prescription glasses than bifocals. Besides, there are advanced coating and protection lenses that include photochromic, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-UV, anti-blue light etc.

Buying prescription glasses

When you buy prescription glasses consider the factors like the frame, material of frame as well as lenses and overall the glasses should have the exact strength as mentioned in the prescription. If you are unsure from where to buy eyeglasses that have high quality yet affordable then turn to Specscart. Consult them either online or at their stores. They even conduct eye-tests at home at work so that you need not go out. Besides, you can get try at home glasses from an attractive collection of hundreds of glasses frames. When you place an order online select frame, you can upload a prescription, choose the type of lenses you want, place your order and get express dispatch within 24 hours. When it comes to advanced coating all eyeglasses at Specscart come pre-loaded with anti-scratch, anti-UV and anti-glare. And prices are competitive, pretty affordable than other manufacturers. The frames as priced as low as £25 including the price lenses.

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