How To Crack the GK Section in UPSC Exams?

How To Crack the GK Section in UPSC Exams?


The general knowledge section in the UPSC exam has gained a lot of importance over the past few years. The syllabus, as declared by the exam conducting authority, clearly states that a candidate must have enough knowledge of ‘current events of national and international importance.’ Therefore, while preparing for the GK Section in UPSC exam, you must focus equally on the current affairs quiz as well as General Knowledge questions. 


If you are struggling to get through a strategy to prepare for the GK Section, we are here to solve your problem. We have a curated list of best ways to prepare for this section. Read on to know more!


  1. Stay Updated with Daily News

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you start preparing for the UPSC exams is to develop a habit of consuming national and international news daily. Make a routine for yourself. Download the news applications, surf through news channels on your television, read newspapers on a daily basis. Once you develop this habit, you can get a hang of almost everything that is happening around the globe.

  1. Sign Up for GK Quiz Online

This is one of the most convenient ways to analyse how prepared you are for the GK section. There are various online platforms that organize GK Quiz. You can also go to the various online classes to subscribe to their regular UPSC Quiz material. 

  1. Surf Through Online Videos

There are many experts who put up online videos on a regular basis for students who are preparing for the entrance exams. These videos come up with the regular dose of most important and current events happening around you on a global and national level. You can subscribe to these channels and not miss a single video.

  1. Subscribe to Newsletters

Another way of getting a hand on all the news and events is by subscribing to a newsletter. There are options to subscribe to a newsletter on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Choose the frequency according to your convenience and get a high dose of GK.

  1. Join Groups

While preparing for the GK Section, you can look for online forums and groups of the people who are preparing for an entrance exam just like you. Join those groups so that you do not miss out on any important topics to prepare and indulge in discussions to map out the best ways to strategize your own preparations.

  1. Analyze Previous Years Question Papers

While preparing for the UPSC GK Section, do not miss out to check on the previous year question papers. Yes, the events may differ from the last year, however, you can get an idea of the most important topics to prepare for general knowledge questions, including historical events and happenings. 

  1. Pick Up Study Material

You can also opt to go for a traditional method and buy the best GK preparation books for the UPSC exam. You will get previous year question papers, sample papers, important topics and much more, all at one place. 


Feed yourself with everything important and go crazy preparing for the GK Section of UPSC Exam. All the best!!

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