All You Need to Know About Smoking Accessories

We are living in an environment where things are changing on daily basis. Not only in a manner of style, brand, but our behavior as well. People are keen to change themselves because it helps them to cope up with the society where they are living in. youngsters who are into various things or say habits which are sometimes harmful to them or sometimes not. But you cannot stop doing that particular thing, once they get addicted to it.

Talking about addiction, in Pakistan young generation is fully indulged in smoking. Smoking is way harmful to humans, but we all do. Even if you see them on each cigarette packets, there’s a warning message that it’s injurious to health, but still, they buy it and smoke it. People who don’t know about its brand, market, let me take you to the world of smoke where you will find a huge saturated market of smoking.

There are hundreds of brands on smoking, which are producing hell lot of different types of cigarettes. Plus each type got a new taste and flavor in it which attracts customers. Just like we all have heard of brand loyalty, it also applies to this product as well. People are too loyal to cigarette brands because once a person is fit with one brand goes with it, as seeing the demand of smoking in the market, some highly known companies started producing some smoking accessories. Like seriously?

Smoking accessories, have you ever imagined of it? No right? But it’s the reality, it does exist in this world. Some well-established brands who not just manufacture cigarettes, but also other related to it as well. What’s sort of accessories contain or say what items it got? Apart from lighter, people are out there who love to have stylish, branded lighter as well, which allows them to show off among the smoking gathering.

People who are not aware of the trend of smoking, the smoking trend does exist. At some point, Marlboro was at hype, but as time passed new companies step in the market one brands came with a high reputation known as Dunhill.

Talking about smoking accessories in Pakistan, there’s a huge list of it, but we are going to focus on some branded smoking accessories that are exceptional and are highly popular all over the globe.

  1. 7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

It’s the newest thing in the market, which allows you to smoke in a totally new way.

  1. Flip Side Cashier Vinyl Debowler Ashtray:

Tired of having an old ashtray, get this new stylish two in one ashtray.

  1. Flower Power Grinder

Grinders are the must thing, that every smoker should keep it. Looking out the laziness, the company made it an electric and automatic grinder.

  1. Glass Lab 303 Water Pipe or Rig:

It’s finest thing you must have in your stock. Its every glass is made with high-quality Pyrex glass, which allows smokers to smoke with comfort. Fun fact the glass is handmade.

  1. Zippo Wind Proof Lighter:

If you are a real smoker then, you might need the best quality of light that doesn’t disappoint in any gathering while lighting your cigarette. A new arrival of Zippo lighter, which won’t get through any air while you are lighting.

Now the question comes up, from where these products can be purchased, first let me clear these products are expensive. Such types of products should be bought from authentic stores or the outlets. But the internet has now created our life much easier than ever, introducing online shopping stores.

Online stores allow you to explore legit brands. Official brands not only comes with smoking accessories, but it also caters different brands and their products. Students who need to buy branded bags in different varieties available online with a huge collection. Even some military bags are also available, in a military bag section, there are different types of it.  If you are willing to buy a military bag then you must need to look at the list.

  • Condor Outdoor 3-Day Assault Pack
  • Blackhawk! 3-Day Assault Pack
  • Maxpedition Falcon-II
  • Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Not just look at all these lists, grab your laptop and buy it online. College Bags for boys and University bags in Pakistan can easily be purchased on any online shopping store. Pakistani online shopping stores are filled with the above brands and products with the premium quality.


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