Today, product photography has become an indispensable part of both online and offline advertising. No matter what you are selling, you need to post high-quality pictures of your products to attract the potential customers. To do this successfully, you need certain techniques that will showcase your products in an impressive way and will captivate the potential shoppers.

Significance of Quality Images in Attracting Target Audience

90% of the online shoppers are first attracted to the visual elements of the product rather than its written description. They can come across your products through magazines, catalogues, online ads, brochures, websites, and other social media platforms, but what will attract them to the product is always its visual appeal. That’s why posting remarkable and aesthetic pictures of your product are so crucial while selling online.

We are truly living in an era of visual information, and almost every business is using creative solutions to uncover their true potential and to reach the greatest heights of success. The pictures that the customers come across play an essential role in their decision-making process. The photo quality of the product is a reflection of the brand image and builds its first impression with the buyer, and so the pictures should be alluring and tasteful enough to evoke maximum engagement.


Many product listings on Amazon have images of inferior quality, and the likelihood of those listings generating sales is a lot less as compared to the ones with better quality images.

The image of your product can literally speak a lot about your brand. If you are not very fond of clicking pictures, you can always go for an Amazon product photography service to accomplish the task for you.

If you’re thinking of getting the job done on your own, there are a few important tips and techniques that will help you to achieve excellence and professionalism in your product photography.


The right light setting is very important in product photography. To make your product and background visually appealing, you have to make sure that the lighting is appropriate. You can either use natural lighting or studio lighting depending on your product and the platform on which you are advertising. If you have decided to go for indoor photography, remember to set up your product facing a window so that the natural lighting can do its magic on your product, thereby giving you an excellent photograph. If this doesn’t seem to work for you, you can always go for artificial lighting, which uses reflectors, umbrellas, or DIY photo light-boxes.


If you notice, most of the products on Amazon have been displayed on a plain background without using any additional props. This is preferred as it makes the product the centre of attraction and ensures that it does not get lost in ornamented or decorative scenery. If you want, you can use some light colors in your background, but using a plain, white background gives a more professional and tasteful finish and is recommended over any other setting.


A Tripod is a very useful piece of equipment as it enhances the quality as well as the clarity of your product photography. It is not very expensive and is quite easy to operate. If you want your product photographs to look polished and professional, you should definitely use a tripod. It will help in stabilizing your camera and will also reduce blur making the image look sharp and fresh. There are different types of tripods available in the market and you can buy the one that is most suitable for you and start clicking amazingly professional photographs.


It is always helpful to take creative inspiration from the most popular brands or the brands that you love the most. Take a look at these brands on social media and look for creative ideas that you can use in your product photography. You can see what you love about their product images and incorporate similar ideas for your own.


Every seller should pay close attention to the size of their product and make sure that it doesn’t look too big or too small in the image. If the image is clicked in a way that it makes the product look very big, then some of its features might be blurred. On the other hand, if the image appears to be too small, a lot of white space will be left out, and some of the relevant details can get overlooked.

Another important factor that you must keep in mind is that you can only upload your pictures in accordance with the Amazon product photography specifications. So don’t forget to read the Amazon product image requirements before taking pictures of your product.


Taking various shots from multiple angles will show exactly what your product looks like to the customers. This ensures authenticity and helps in building customer confidence for your brand. When the appearance and all the features of the product are clearly visible, the customers will know that they are buying a reliable product. That’s why it is advisable to upload a number of pictures shot from different angles to give the exact idea of the product to the buyer.


If you photograph additional items and place them with the product that you want to sell, it will confuse the buyer and would further lead to a disappointing shopping experience when they don’t receive the additional items they had seen while purchasing. It is crucial that you photograph and display only the product that you are selling to the customer and nothing else.


So now, you know exactly what you have to do to master your Amazon product photography skills. If you follow these tips, you can easily take high-resolution product images all by yourself to build a good reputation for your brand and generate greater conversions.

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