How to Know The Difference Between Imitation and Real Henna

Last year was my sister’s marriage and it was all fun but we were worried about our sister’s hand which was done with mehndi. You might be thinking what is wrong in it if it got done with mehndi. Mehndi is considered auspicious and everyone gets done with it. There was no problem with mehndi but definitely with fake or we can call black mehndi. Accidentally and unfortunately without any prior knowledge, my sister’s hands got done with black mehndi which caused her hands’ skin wherever mehndi was pasted. Her skin became pale, reddened and small bubbles came out on them. That’s why my sister got worried when after removing the mehndi she saw her hands, they were all like as I above told you.

Hence it is necessary to differentiate between black/fake and original mehndi otherwise you need to pay the price which is more than your mehndi. On the other hand, we also want to say that people should not buy in case of less money fake mehndi. Original mehndi doesn’t come costly then why you buy black/fake mehndi which is not good for your skin.

You must be thinking that how can you know the difference between original and fake mehndi. Don’t worry I am going to tell you how to differentiate between these.  Apart from all, we want to say whenever you draw mehndi on your hands and feet then use best mehndi designs.

Fake/black mehndi:

In imitation Henna mehndi, a variety of harmful and unsafe ingredients are used and mixed including kerosene, paint thinner, benzene, lighter fluid, and other regularly used high concentrations products. PPD is also a common type used ingredient which is found in fake Henna products. It is called phenylenediamine that can cause blistering, scarring, organ damage, and you don’t believe what I am going to further say death. PPD is a dangerous sensitizer which causes serious reactions to skin.

It is not only the mistake of fake henna maker but also of those who buy these sorts of products which they think benefit them. Brides think that they don’t have to sit for hours to dry mehndi that’s why they buy these chemicalized black mehndi because they dry quickly in minutes but in lack of awareness brides have to pay the price; real.

If you are thinking if these fake mehndi are so dangerous then why they are online? It is because of legal loopholes in which marketers and products makers are so expert. But it is only your awareness that can save you.

How to know the difference

Black mehndi: The fake/black mehndi comes in factory made packaging that has colorful labels telling most original mehndi they are. You should stay away from these sorts of products. They also smell like kerosene and petrol, which is an indication that they are fake. On the other hand, these are popularly known as instant/imitation mehndi.

Real mehndi: real henna fades away after some time. The original smells good. They have a real fragrance blended with necessary oils and they also have grassy effects too.

At the end of the day, you need to know yourself which one you are buying and which one you should buy because both types of henna are available in the market. And when a mehndi artist comes to draw mehndi in for any event, you should ask her and say for original henna. Say them to use original henna. There are a number of quality and experienced mehndi artists in Delhi that you can hire one according to your budget but check before hiring how much experience they have. Hence we have told you how to differentiate between original and fake mehndi. Don’t buy fake products for the cheap price because money doesn’t matter much as much as your skin and body.

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