Earning Real Money through Online Quizzes

Earning Real Money through Online Quizzes

There has been an increasing trend regarding earn money online. Not just by playing fantasy games but there is also an introduction of the online quiz and earn money games. These applications ask various GK questions and that too in MCQ format. By answering these questions, the person gets a chance to win cash prizes and many other discount vouchers. Cricket, Maths, Current affairs, Bollywood quizzes, science quiz, GK, and the list of these quizzes is endless which has been provided over these applications. The person just has to choose the correct answer and money will be provided as per the policy of these companies.

It is pertinent to mention that these quizzes are 100% secure and legal and allowed by the Government of the said country. They have a running 24×7 support system by which if the person has been facing any issues then he/she could directly contact the support center and get the issue resolved. To increase the customer base, the company has been following up with various marketing strategies which have led to more users to join these applications. The introduction of cashback offers and bonus discounts under special category has been one of the strategy.

Apart from it, these applications have even introduced a signup bonus and referring program by which if a person shares the link of these applications and his/her friend, relative or any other member joins the same then they could earn real money. Also, a signup bonus for first-time users has been provided and a specific amount is provided into the wallet of these users. There is a very flexible mode of payment methods which include debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and e-wallets. The user can instantly withdraw their winnings after a certain amount is reached and completion of formalities as per the company.

To sign up for these games, the user has to follow certain steps. The signup process is completely free and no money is required to be paid until the person enters a particular match.

  • Firstly, basic information of the user is required to be filled which gets auto-filled when the user signs up using any social media account.
  • The user is also required to submit their mobile number and e-mail ID and the verification for the same will be done instantly using One Time Password.
  • A payment method will be added along with the submission of documents that include PAN card and Adhar Card or any other identity proof. It is important to note that there is a system of Anti-Virus Security which makes the data stored on these websites 100% safe and secure so the user need not worry about the same.

The rules for these games are quite simple. The user has to give the correct answer to a quiz that usually contains around 20 questions. It is important to answer each question within 10 seconds. For every correct answer, the user will earn a specific point whose criteria are provided on the website of these companies. After completion of the quiz, the winnings of the user will be shown under the section “My wallet” and after completion of various formalities, the user can withdraw the amount. There might be a small amount of deduction when the user has achieved a specific amount and this is done due to the submission of Tax to required authorities.

Following are some of the benefits of playing these quiz games online and the reason why they have a huge customer base:

  • Cash prizes: Fans can earn a lot of cash prizes when they answer the quiz correctly. In some cases, the users have earned a whole amount of money which has given them financial freedom.
  • Cheap: These online games have been considered as one of the most cheapest way to use their knowledge and getting a chance to earn money for the same.
  • Play with friends: There is also an opportunity to play quiz games online with friends which has led to a rise in user base and their thrill towards this game.
  • Application of mind: These games involve a lot of applications of mind which keeps the brain working and knowledge could be used in a much productive manner.

To engage the users, the makers behind these applications have introduced various discounts and bonus offers through which the users get to earn real money and use the same while playing games. A lot of users all over the world get to play these games which has led to a huge customer base and rise in competition. The number of people who have become attracted to these fantasy games and quizzes has also been increasing at a tremendous rate. Earlier, only sports activities were made available on these websites but now they have introduced a lot of quizzes and other GK questions which has led to a rise in audience.

There have been reviews and feedbacks of customers all over the world which has made them earn a lot of money and even given them financial independence. The privacy policy and various other questions have been answered over the website of these companies which makes it easier for customers to engage. All kinds of payment modes are accepted by these applications. To bring an example of these quizzes, these applications have even been introduced with dummy games by which the person can play and enter the contest without paying any amount. By this, they get the much-needed information on regard to how these games are being held and play without any fear of losing money. These demo trials have been proved as very successful to engage more audience.

To conclude the above discussion, the person who has much of GK knowledge and quizzes must participate in these contests because there is nothing better than earning money through the knowledge so possessed by them. The player has complete liberty regarding the amount so entered in these quizzes because the person can play with an amount which is as less as Rs.10 and could get a chance to earn lakhs of rupees. Hence, theknowledgeable people are advised to play these games and get a chance to earn money from the same.

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